From a small cold room to a large refrigerated warehouse, TD has the capability to cater to all kinds of customer requirements.

TD’s reefer solutions offers a wide variety of reefer containers including the supply of standard 20 feet and 40 feet reefer containers, super freezers and the independent machines as well.

TD’s display cabinet portfolio includes products from all reputed global brands at a very competitive price and premium quality. TD can supply refrigeration products to anywhere in the world with good after sales support.

Cold Storage Maintenance

Calibrate the cold room temperature. Check the proper temperature remains when the modular cold storage has a full load. Clean the evaporator and fins – important for temperature maintenance.

Chillers & Freezers

Chillers and Freezers are designed specially for commercial kitchen needs. They are the most convenient way of preserving food. The upright cabinet ensures easy storage. And an electronic panel ensures proper temperature control.

Blast Chillers & Freezers

As the first company to introduce blast chilling to the industry, we offer a superb range of blast chillers and freezers, including our blast chillers and occasional freezers range. These are specially designed with a tray loading feature to utilise storage space and guarantee food safety. By swiftly reducing the temperature of food, our blast chillers and shock freezers ensure cooked food retains its quality.

Display Cold Room

Little floor space required-uses more vertical space than horizontal space. Beautiful presentation of your valuable product. This is a Customized COLD CABINET .Fully loaded, Fully featured & designed for your special products & volume required .

Open Chillers

Open Chiller With Glass, Arneg Refrigeration offered by Saeedalmeraikhi. In which Inspection of all water inlets and outlets for leaks should be done routinely. All components of the compressor unit should be inspected including checks for oil levels, leaks, vibrations, operating temperatures variations. Electrical contacts should be inspected and cleaned

Vertical/Island Freezers

Temperature Range: Less than or equal to 18 Degree C. Cooling Type: Static. Total Gross Capacity: 412 L. Overall Dimension: 1805*835*900 mm. Refrigerant Type: R404A.

Refrigeration Maintenance

Check for the proper refrigerant level in the system. The liquid line sight glass should be clear and full of liquid refrigerant during normal operation. If not, find and repair the leak, then charge enough refrigerant into the system to maintain a clear sight glass. Activities Should Always Be Performed by a Trained Professional • Ensure condenser fans operate properly, lubricated, screws are tight

Industrial Refrigeration Repair

When we consider “Best Practices” for Industrial Refrigeration systems, there are four interrelated concepts that should all be considered to optimize overall system performance and assist in the making of sound business decisions. These are the design of the system, the operation of the system, maintenance as discussed here, and the commissioning of new construction and retrofits. Within each of these categories, we must consider the life-cycle costs of the equipment and energy-efficiency. When operating and maintaining a well-designed and constructed large-scale industrial refrigeration system and its components, there are several things to keep in mind. These “Best Practices” will help maintain a system that costs less to operate, maintains consistent temperatures, is accurate and reliable; even with varying production needs. First and foremost, you should always perform any maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer of your equipment, as the manufacturer maybe aware of items which need to be watched more closely on a particular unit. Tasks presented here may duplicate those prescribed by the manufacturer, and there may be suggestions here that you can use to create a facility maintenance list which incorporates both this list and the manufacturers specified maintenance. The use of such a plan may help not only with those aspects previously discussed but also with predicting the remaining life of the chiller, which can help with business plans and capital budgeting.

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